Milan Milicevic, Mayor of Teslic

Welcome to our municipality and its beautiful nature.
The municipality of Teslić to potential investors,
in addition to other benefits, offers and free land
Teslic Municipality provides incentives and
professional support to investors.

Why is Teslić a unique place for investment in Southeast Europe?

  • Maximum readiness of mayor and municipal team to provide support to investors
  • Favourable position – quick and easy access to millions of people
  • Favourable business costs and significant incentives for  investors
  • Opportunities for cooperation with potential and existing enterprises
  • Competitive, professional, and motivated labour force
  • High standards for quality of life and success

Teslić has a long industrial trading, while a new and dynamic economy is induced. Opportunities are available in many sectors, especially in wood processing industry.

We take care of your needs

„Support and assistance to potential and active investors is  provided at all stages“

Mr. Dragan Mišić, Head of Department for Development and  Investments of the Municipality of Teslić

Quick and Easy Access to Millions of People

 Doing business in Teslić provides export access to markets  of almost 600 million customers free of customs duties, due  to trade agreements of BiH, while delivery times to main European markets can be calculated in hours/days.

Teslić is located near the vital routes connecting Southeast  Europe and the Adriatic coast, next to the Pan-European Corridor 5C and the railway Ploče – Sarajevo – Budapest (25 0km) and Zagreb – Belgrade highway (80km)

Favourable Business Costs, Incentives for Investors

 Business costs are very competitive, amongst lowest in Europe (see the fDi Magazine award). We ofer:

  • 2,500 Euro incentive per job created
  • Deferred payment for rent and contributions for construction permits
  • Plots of land at symbolic rates with flexible plot allocation
  • Technical support to investors
  • Cost of energy and utilities are among the lowest in Europe
  • Favourable tax rates in BiH – the tax on profit is only 10%
  • Very competitive labour costs

Favourable Sectors for Investment, Networking and Business Cooperation

If wood processing is your industry, you’ve come to the right place. There are large and diverse forest resources together with qualified, motivated and accessible labour force.

Other favourable economic sectors are:

  • The textile and footwear sector – the lowest output prices in Europe
  • The metal processing and food industries are increasingly on demand
  • Agriculture such as: organic vegetables, apple, pear, plum, hazelnut and raspberry plantations
  • Tourism

Document : Invest in Teslic brochure

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